Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Paz De Cristo still feeding the homeless

Back in August, we talked about Paz De Cristo facing trouble because St. Timothy's Catholic Church pulled their funding. Remarkably, they are still hanging on, feeding the homeless despite their financial struggles.

Even with less money, the shelter is expecting to serve 78,000 evening meals this year, up 6,500 meals from a year ago. They have been blessed to continue to receive donations and support from the community, although they have made up less than half of their financial shortfall.

It is also important to note that despite lowering their funding, St. Timothy's Church owns the buildings and the vehicles which they rent for only a small fee. The church remains a major force in keeping the center open, not only with their generosity, but with their volunteers.

As we have said before, the economy isn't making it easy for anyone right now, but if you are reading this post, it's more than likely, you are doing better than the people who need Paz de Cristo. So, if you want to help, especially during this holiday season, you can click here to donate to the shelter, or contact them for more information.

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