Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mesa Lands Presidential Debate November 30

Great News.  Mesa has landed the Republican Presidential Debate slated to be held in Arizona on November 30th.  This is a great opportunity to showcase the Mesa Arts Center and what else Mesa has to offer.

As we said before, Mesa is the bedrock of Republican conservatism in the valley and much more likely to vote for any of the GOP nominees than Tempe or Phoenix.  It is welcome news that Governor Brewer and Republican leaders realized that fact.

Mesa has received national attention in recent years, with Obama making a speech as well as McCain/Palin.  Here is hoping that this can bring even more positive attention to the City and allow the nation to understand some of the major issues facing the southwest including: immigration, housing, mortgages, healthcare, transportation needs, and changes in business and development.

Similarly, we still maintain that the federal government could learn a thing or two about balancing their budget by following Mesa's lead.

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