Monday, November 14, 2011

Change in climate?

The recall defeat of Russell Pearce has people wondering if there is an impending change in the political climate.  From the article, people have jumped to several conclusions including the surge of the latino vote, the rejection of the tea party, a statement against negative politics, a shift in the view on immigration, a call for a change in the primary process - the list goes on and on. 

The fact is, there is a large number of factors and outcomes that will come from the that election.  The difference is, the change isn't from the election, it will be from what people do with this election.

As we said before, the Democrats are going to use that election as the rallying cry to mount their comeback.  You can see that again within the article where the Democrat party chairman see's this vote as "a sign."  In fact, Democrats issued a memo outlying their plans for next year and how they are going to use their win as a spring board.

Don't be surprised if  Mesa is part of their plan - especially with parts of West Mesa currently being drawn in the new downtown Phoenix "competitive" district that the Democrats have their eyes on.  

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LenWilliams said...

If you like the "Change" that Obama has brought to America, you're gonna love the open borders, expanding government, shrinking private sector (and fewer jobs) that the Progressive Democrats of America have in store for Arizona. We can call it the "Obama-fi-cation" of Arizona.