Wednesday, March 17, 2010

McCain and Palin to visit West Mesa

Is it just convenience that Dobson High School continues to land high profile events or is there something about West Mesa? This time Senator John McCain and his former running mate Sarah Palin will be hosting a campaign appearance at Dobson High School a little over a year after President Obama used the school as a backdrop.

We do doubt that there will be any of the sprucing up like there was for the President's visit, but it is interesting that the school continues to land newsmaking political events. Could it be as simple as a high capacity auditorium with convenient access? Perhaps.

Could it be because the school happens to be in the Congressional District where Hayworth lost to Mitchell?

Could it be because West Mesa has traditionally been a little more moderate (as seen by Democrats are trying to make inroads)?

Could it be because they wanted to go to Mesa, but not TOO FAR into Mesa?

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