Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Democrats begin to mount comeback

A year ago, it looked as if Democrats across the state and across the nation were down and out.  They lost every statewide office and had record losses in the legislature.  It seemed that the Democrat victories of 2008 were quickly eroded by a Republican tidal wave - headed by the tea party.  Now, it appears that the pendulum to begun the swing back.

Nationally, Democrats made gains at the ballot box and in the issue department, hailing the repeal of a collective bargaining ban in Ohio and a strict abortion ban in Mississippi.  Locally, Democrats made gains in both Phoenix and Tucson, the state's two largest cities. They also cheered the successful recall of Russell Pearce.

With these wins, we wonder if they will return to their efforts to make inroads in Mesa.  For those who haven't done the math yet, Mesa is now the largest city with Republican mayor and elections are up next year.  In addition, the Democrats have already threatened a recall election on Rich Crandall (see also Vote Dem). 

Don't be surprised if its a concerted effort to increase participation and help Obama's efforts to win Arizona in 2012.  As we said before:

"Don't be surprised if the GEMDEM group that was born out of the 2008 Presidential Election will be humming with activity when the 2012 election comes around. Don't think that Team Obama isn't already strategizing for his re-election, because they most certainly are."

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