Thursday, September 16, 2010

Waveyard or Not?

It looks like Riverview is the preferred location for the new Cubs facility leaving behind the downtown and the northeast locations. So, now the question remains: what to do about Waveyard?

Earlier this year, it looks like a Waveyard/Cubs project was proposed and rejected, but now it appears to be back on the table. The idea, while intriguing, does raise a lot of questions.

Waveyard was billed as a one of a kind destination unlike anything we have ever seen. Now, we're looking at something that is half the size? What will become of the surfing wavepool, scuba pool, white water rafting, the luxury hotel, condos, dining etc? If the thing can't be built without a ballpark, how are they supposed to get something done in Dubai or elsewhere? What does that do to their current agreement where they were supposed to buy all the land?

Second, where will the Cubs train? Isn't one of the biggest parts of this election about giving the Cubs a competitive training facility? Can that still be done in the smaller space? Can the stadium be big enough to compete with the other west valley stadiums if the land is shared?

It seems like there are two groups here that want to make full use of the land, but might be willing to take half of something over half of nothing. It doesn't hurt to explore this opportunity. However, at the end of the day, it is far more critical to keep the Cubs who are proven over something that still has not been able to get off the ground.

If they can work together, great. If not, Cubs have the far greater chance of success.

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hawkeyedjb said...

How about this for a novel idea: let's keep our city park, and let the Cubs build (and pay for) their own stadium! Why do we want to wreck a park for more concrete and shopping? Is it because we don't have enough shopping strips? Too much grass? Too many parks in Mesa? Or do we simply have a need to give tax money to very wealthy people?