Monday, September 13, 2010

Cubs update

There is a lot of Cubs news from over the past couple of days, so we have compiled it down to one update.

First, in the paper today, the Keep the Cubs committee has an editorial in the Arizona Republic today extolling the virtues of why the Cubs need to stay in Mesa. One of the most exciting pieces they mention is the Wrigleyville West concept. This built in retail plan which would attract visitors similar to the area around Wrigley field in Chicago. While it is easy to get lost in the mire of the site selection, we shouldn't overlook the fact that the development surrounding this project would be far more unique than any other spring training facility in the valley.

Speaking of the site selection, Mesa has released their study about the sites and the potential economic impact they may have. The only challenge is that they tested generic retail because they didn't have any specifics about the project. One could guess the kinds of stores, bars, and shops that would line up for Wrigleyville West, but without details, its hard to tell if they study really tells us anything.

It does, however, create good fodder for those who have their heart set on a specific site. Does downtown work or is it another case of allowing real estate to dictate planning? Does Riverview work or would it oversaturate retail? Does northeast Mesa work or are the neighbors against it? Each site has its challenges, but there is one thing that we must all agree on - regardless of the site, keeping the Cubs in Mesa is critical to Mesa's long-term economy.

Finally, don't forget that the Fergie Jenkins little league clinic is tonight. Here are the details if you are interested.

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The said...

Yes we should keep the cubs, but I dont understand why we should vote when we have no idea what Wrigleyfield west is going to look like? No specifics at all. Even the study shows that. If you look at camelback ranch and the new dbacks/rockies facility, it is nothing but practice fields and parking lots. I bet that they will build a few restaurants, retail and bars. I have been to wrigleyfield many times and there is no way they are going to build anything compatible to that neighborhood, especially at Riverview. I just don’t see as much development at Riverview due to the oversaturated market with Tempe marketplace and Riverview.

I would like to know as a tax payer what I am investing into and what the fruits of that investment is going to bring, what its going to look like at different sites. I don’t think that is a hard thing to ask for. I am afraid it might have a hard time passing with the current economics and the anti-tax movement that is going on in this country.