Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cubs Update

Chicago Cubs fans are in for a treat as the Yes on 420 committee brings Ron Santo into town on Saturday, October 9th. Santo is a beloved Cubbie and one that many think should be in the Baseball Hall of Fame.
Also, it looks like Cubs Team Chairman Tom Ricketts was in town to speak to the Rotary club. They don't appear too sure if a Cubs - Waveyard plan can work, but they are looking into it. Regardless, here is the key from the article:

"The stadium will cost $84 million, and the Ricketts family plans to invest additional money on a privately funded entertainment complex dubbed Wrigleyville West. The team will focus initially on the baseball components of the development and then start working on the entertainment portion, Ricketts said."

Unlike other ballparks across the valley, this plan has a built in retail component that is a successful concept and will be actually backed by the team. This is a smart investment to keep the Cubs in town and maximize revenue.

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