Friday, March 5, 2010

East Valley Mayors Support Rich Crandall

East Valley Mayors Support Rich Crandall
Mayor Smith, Mayor Lewis, Mayor Sanders endorse Crandall for Legislative District 19 Senate

MESA – Representative Rich Crandall, current Chair of the House Education Committee, local businessman and former Mesa School Board President, proudly announced the support of three East Valley Mayors today in his race for the District 19 State Senate seat. Mesa Mayor Scott Smith, Gilbert Mayor John Lewis, and Queen Creek Mayor Art Sanders announced their support for Crandall and his efforts to continue to provide much needed experience at the State Capitol.

"I am honored to have the support of these three leaders who proudly represent our East Valley municipalities," said Rich Crandall, "I hope to continue working with each of them on the many issues facing our cities and towns."

Mesa Mayor Scott Smith said, "I know Rich will work to ensure that the state budget isn’t balanced on the backs of cities and local taxpayers. There is a reason he was named a Legislative Champion by the Arizona League of Cities and Towns."

"He knows this community well and is committed to making a difference," said Gilbert Mayor John Lewis, "I think Rich is the right man for the job and has shown that with his service in the House of Representatives and through his commitment to our children."

Mayor Art Sanders adds, "Rich understands the needs of the East Valley and the Phoenix/Mesa Gateway area. He will continue to serve the region well in his bid for the Senate."


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