Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cubs take step forward despite MLB opposition

The Cubs stadium plan passed the House Commerce Committee yesterday in a 6 to 2 vote, but it wasn't without a bit of drama. Major League Baseball has come out and said that they don't support a surcharge on the other team's tickets to pay for the Cubs stadium.

Its clear that the legislature appears to understand the impact of the Cubs on Spring Training, but its sort of funny to watch this professional jealousy rear its ugly head.

Well, maybe MLB wants to step up and pay the 20-25% slump that each team would feel if the Cubs were to leave town. Also, its sort of ironic to watch a league which shares revenue (including paying big payouts to small market teams such as the one formerly owned by Commissioner Selig), but anything that could help a "big" team must be frowned upon.

Maybe the Cubs should come out and say that they opposed revenue sharing. How about the Yankees?

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Anonymous said...

Bud Selig, STAY OUT!!!!!