Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mesa resident dies in Afghanistan

We used to hear a lot about the wars in Iraq and in Afghanistan. While there are still thousands of soldiers abroad protecting our freedoms, we now hear more about the President's healthcare plan or his NCAA bracket than we do about our soldiers.

Now, it only appears like we hear anything when its bad news. Sadly, an Army Ranger from Mesa was killed in Afghanistan by an IED. Sgt. Glen "Jake" Whetten was among the first wave to invade Iraq five years ago and was in Afghanistan training and evaluating their troops.

This is an important reminder that even though we may not hear about these wars every day, the dangers out there are real, and we should always remember to thank our soldiers, no matter how much our president tries to distance himself from them.


Armed US Citizen said...

Thank you for mentioning him. He is my hero for sure, and while he would not like any attention for what he did and the price he paid, I for one want to shout it from the rooftops!

He is my hero, in every sense of the word. He died for MY freedom and for the things so many take for granted. Honor him by remembering we are a great nation and we should honor and revere what made her great, and if needs be, die defending her!

Jed Whetten(Jake's Brother)

Virginia said...

Thank you Jed, he is our hero too.
We love you all and you are in our thoughts and prayers. We appreciate it when the media finally recognizes the good that is being done by so many thousands.
Uncle R.L. & Aunt Virginia