Friday, July 8, 2011

Pearce Recall moving forward

Looks like the recall of Russell Pearce is moving forward. Seems like more and more these days, recall has become the weapon of those who cannot find a way to agree. In this case, they are basically recalling the Senate President because they don't agree with his policies on immigration.

Isn't that what regular elections are for? Now, instead the taxpayers are on the hook for a special election. If the recall fails, the committee should be on the hook like they do with frivolous law suits.

So now, the question is, who will be brave enough to run against Russell Pearce? This is going to be a very divisive race, and we predict that the media will place a lot of attention on it because it will be one of the only things going on. Expect a series of articles on Pearce in their typical unflattering style.

Perhaps its time to bring back the bloggers round table like we did back during Pearce vs. Gibbons.

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