Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jerry Lewis enters race against Russell Pearce

About two weeks ago, there was speculation that those who oppose Russell Pearce had found someone to run against him. Turns out they found their man and his name is Jerry Lewis. There are two others in this race, who may turn out to be potential spoilers, but in the end this race really boils down to Lewis vs. Pearce.

We still wonder if he knows what he is getting into, but at this point, hopefully someone sat him down and told him how this kind of race was going to be. Well, there is already a little bit of trouble to contend with. Jerry Lewis admitted that he voted for Kevin Gibbons in 2008 and for a write in for 2010.

So, its clear that this guy has been voting against Pearce for awhile now. No matter how friendly he acts or how much he tries to hug Pearce, his track record says otherwise. He is using this special opportunity to take out someone he doesn't like and he doesn't agree with. Remember that when he starts talking about how much he respects Pearce.

Another question: did he write Kevin Gibbons in again, or someone else in 2010? You may recall that Kevin Gibbons was Jeff Flake's brother-in-law who ran against Pearce in 2008. Gibbons was a lawyer who ran "Immigration without barriers" and was backed by the people who pushed a bogus employer sanctions initiative which would actually weaken the law. So, are those the same types of people who are going to line up behind Lewis?

This is going to be an interesting race. With very little else going on this November, the eyes of Arizona (and other parts of the country) will be on this race.

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The Wanderer said...

So a person cant disagree with another person and still give praise or say good things? This is ridiculous. Lewis can vote whatever he wants. I like how hard Pearce is on illegal immigration, but do not like the way he holds himself and others. Very disrespectful. Lewis is very respectful of others, but I worry about his stance on illegal immigration. I don’t like people who want to make a career out of politics like Pearce has and believe his time has come. Im just not sold on Lewis as of yet. This will be an interesting race. But remember, Pearce has a lot more baggage and questionable background than Lewis does.