Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What happens in the CD 6 race?

Now that Flake has officially launched his campaign for Senate, including his first commercial, the new question for Mesa is what will happen in the race for CD6?

There have been some pretty interesting lists and stories floating around, so let's take a look and see what is out there.

First, there has been a lot of speculation that Speaker Kirk Adams will seek this seat. It appears that he has been eyeing it for some time with his push for the jobs package and pension reform. If the jobs package passes in this special session, would that be enough to solidify his chances? Would he try to stay in the legislature - a tactic that has provided mixed results for other candidates?

Second, another legislative leader who is rumored to be considering a run would be Senate President Russell Pearce. Would he even run against the other candidates or would he simply run against Jeff Flake's record? Pearce could hit two birds with one stone with that tactic, winning himself a seat and costing Flake his race. On the plus side, he could take his illegal immigration message to the big stage. On the minus side, he'd lose his newfound power as President of the Senate. Would he resign to run?

Another name tossed about is Mesa Mayor Scott Smith who is considering a run. Smith is very popular and is credited with Mesa's turn around. On the other hand, he has been in office for only two years and hasn't built up as much cred, but he is well known in Mesa. Is he seasoned enough for this next step or is a race for re-election for Mayor more in order with an eye on the 2014 statewide races?

Former state senator Chuck Gray is apparently going to announce his bid for the seat tomorrow. If a tree falls in Mesa and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? This is the same guy who backed out of a contest with Rich Crandall?

Speaking of, Senator Rich Crandall is another name that is thrown about. Would he challenge Adams? What about Jeff Smith who challenged Flake last time around? Will he resurface as the tea party candidate again this time?

It is clear that the race for 2012 has already begun - almost 19 months before the election.

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