Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Breaking down Jeff Flake's first commercial

Jeff Flake has already launched his first commercial for US Senate. Here it is below:

As we mentioned before, he is going to have a few problems with his bid, none of which he really addresses here. His commercial starts with blury pictures of Arizona before going to a crystal clear shot of Washington DC. Which seems more in focus?

Then later, he does a far away picture of Phoenix with a quote that says "Conservative's Conservative" which you would think would be from an Arizona newspaper, but no, its from the Dallas Morning News... and its from five years ago. The same Dallas Morning News that has opposed the effort in Texas to pass an Arizona style law.

His next kudos comes from Arizona, right? Wrong. It comes from the New York times calling him a true reformer. We looked and the only instance we can find of that appears to be said by David Brooks, who is a huge Obama fan and penned a column called "Run Barack Run." Isn't his commercial titled, "Run Jeff Run?"

"Run Jeff Run" is also a quote in the commercial from the Club for Growth. They're from Arizona, right? Nah, they are a PAC in Washington. But their conservative right? Yes, but they still don't fix Flake's fundamental immigration problem. In fact, Tancredo takes aim at them as pro-amnesty libertarians. What about Flake's contributions from Nathan Sproul?

Finally at the 39 second mark, we get a quote from the Arizona Republic. From 2007. Has he done anything in the past few years? The quote says, "A national symbol of that commitment to principal." That quote comes from this Robert Robb opinion talking about Flake getting the boot from the Judiciary Committee basically for being an idealogue. While that might be attractive to some, is that really what Arizona wants? Someone so committed to principle that they are brushed out of the way?

The commercial ends with the same pictures Flake has used the last few times around in front of some barn which clearly is not in Mesa. It is fitting really, since he hasn't really done much for Mesa anyway.

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