Friday, August 27, 2010

Cubs prefer Riverview

The Chicago Cubs have announced that they prefer the Riverview location for the site of the new stadium. Of course, no site has been selected yet, but one would guess that the proximity to the freeway and the existing infrastructure appear to be attractive when you compare it to the west valley stadiums which have failed so far to attract development.

We have been saying for almost a year that the site would be a prime location for a Spring Training facility. Now the question remains, can they get a deal done? Will Waveyard get out of the way, or do they still insist that they can get financing done?

Don't get us wrong, the Waveyard project is still a great idea on paper, but we are weighing something with potential against something that has a 50 year track record. Which should Mesa have as a priority, a waterpark struggling for financing, or an annual event that consistently makes March Mesa's highest month of revenue.

While there is still much to be decided, voters will also be faced with the decision of approving the financing for a project (no matter the location) on the ballot in November. One again, the 613 rule rears its head. Regardless of where this project ends up, we all must agree that the Cubs are critical to Mesa.

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