Thursday, August 26, 2010

Glover upsets Linoff

In what many would consider an upset, 23 year old newcomer Christopher Glover soundly beat 67 year old Vic Linoff by a margin of nearly 60-40. Glover knocked on over 800 doors in the race and received the endorsement of Russell Pearce and other Mesa conservatives.

In all a little over 2,900 votes were cast in the District 4 race compared to the 9,000 in District 5 and the 11,000 in District 6. It was long considered that Linoff would align himself with the community folks and downtown organizations similar to Councilman Kavanaugh. Will Glover serve the conservative contrarian role? As a family friend of Kyle Jones, will he continue the same route? Or at the young age of 23, is his style yet to be determined?

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