Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cubs are in town today

Mayor Smith tweeted this morning welcoming the Cubs into town. According to the timeline last week, we would guess that the reception for the Cubs would be soon, maybe even as early as tonight. If anyone has intel on how the reception goes, we would love to hear about it.

It will be interesting to see how the meetings go and any feedback that the Cubs are offering. Is Mesa waiting to put together a final offer until after they see which property the Cubs like best? Will Mesa have to go to an election? If so, are the Cubs willing to wait for election results? What do the offers look like, is there an overwhelming favorite?

Some would argue that having so many options doesn't stack up as well against the single offer from Florida, but we would say that having the ability to craft an agreement together makes the most sense.

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Terry said...

The reception was impressive yesterday evening. Backdrop was the sunset, there was a great intro video showing off all of the great places that we all love as Arizonans and Mesans. Gov. Brewer spoke about Az being the place with the most Il. natives that have moved to milder climates, that we have one of the seven wonders of the world and how she was committed to making the deal happen. She opened her comments by saying that with the leadership in the room we could get the deal done right then. So.. the leadership in the room; Speaker Adams, Thayer Vershoor, Don Stapley, Steve Court, Cecil Ash, Rich Crandall, Michael Bidwell (who commented on the Cardinals making it to the Super Bowl and the fan support- all sell out games since the stadium was built and how the Cubs could imagine the same support) , Ryan Sandberg, Rep from Harry Mitchell's office, AG's office, I'm sure I am missing some of the elected officials but you get the picture.
Rep Adams commented on growing up in Mesa and the Cubs being a part of being a kid in Mesa because of spring training.
My favorite comment of the evening came from our Mayor- There are 1800 (he gave a much more specific number) miles of coastline in the United States but only one Sonoran Desert. Visitors get a one of a kind experience when they come to AZ.

Crane Kenny had nothing but praise for the way the Cubs have been treated here in Mesa over the years by the City and the Cactus LEague.

When Tom Ricketts spoke he said it was his first visit to AZ. I hope his first impression is memorable and one that makes him want to come back often. I know that why I ended up here. Many of the people I went to college with at ASU were transplants from Il. I am from DC and many of my friends went to FL for school. It was dumbfounding to me how many of my friends at ASU were from the Chicago area and the point was really driven home when Spring of my Freshman year rolled around and we spent our afternoons in the cheap seats watching the Cubbies. They sure have devoted fans that love AZ as much as the Cubs.