Wednesday, November 11, 2009

MCC looking to connect through social networking

Here is an interesting article from an MCC student about MCC's efforts to connect via social networking. Although the program has an awkward name MCConnect (sounds like getting wi-fi at McDonalds), the research that it is trying to accomplish is very relevant and interesting.

It wasn't that long ago that students had to register for classes in person or via the telephone, now students can register for classes online and interact with their professor and get their class information via email. This type of information is likely to continue to decentralize as we progress. The articles says that students right now did not prefer texting as an option to receive information, but this may change over the next few years as students raised with texting start to attend college.

This is good news to see that MCC is looking to change to continue to provide high quality service to their students. This is also a nice change of pace to hear some good news from the community colleges, which in the past few months and years haven't always been the bearers of good news.

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