Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Vote now for Fiesta something something

Now, you can vote on the new name for the fiesta district, or in fact, keep calling it the fiesta district. Let me tell you, I am certainly glad that the city is paying a consultant to come up with names like these:

Fiesta District - yawn
Fiesta Promenade - doesn't seem to fit nextdoor to a check cashing store
Fiesta Heights - sounds like cheap apartments
Fiesta Crossings - generic
Fiesta Crossroads - super generic
Fiesta Palisades - sounds old timey

Why not get Michael Pollack to buy the whole thing like he owns everything else in the East Valley. Then it can be something like the Pollack Fiesta Crossings III East.

1 comment:

Kevin Creighton said...

I say we take our hint from Phoenix's Matsuri Festival and call it Fiesta Party.