Monday, December 5, 2011

Oakland A's Approached Mesa

Great opinion piece in the Arizona Republic about how the Oakland A's could help fill the space at Hohokam.  The biggest takeaway from the article is the fact that Oakland approached Mesa and not the other way around.  Indeed, it would be ideal to attract another team from Florida and make it an even 16 here in the valley. 

We believe that will eventually happen.  However, that may be a few years down the road.  Until that time, the focus is going to be on the teams in town - specifically the A's and the Brewers who train in Phoenix.  Both are looking to move, and in all likelihood, both will move out of Phoenix.  So, there is likely to be some "stealing" talk out there.

That is why it is important to establish early that the A's came to Mesa.  The City didn't go out shopping.  Hopefully, this will turn out well and Mesa will have two teams generating revenue and attracting tourists.  However, like the editorial says, if this strikes out, there is still a chance to attract a team from Florida.