Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kirk Adams announces campaign for Congress

Senator Jon Kyl endorses Adams, will serve as Honorary Chairman

Mesa, Arizona – Kirk Adams is excited to announce today his campaign to represent the East Valley in Congress, pledging to bring the same conservative principles and tough decision-making he exhibited as Arizona Speaker of the House back to Washington.

“I’ve taken on the unions, the lobbyists, the career politicians and the voices of stagnation here in Arizona, and I intend to take them on in Congress,” Adams said. “We can’t afford to kick the can down the road anymore. We need someone who will fight to cut spending, reform entitlements, secure our border and return to the founding principles of our Constitution before it’s too late.”

Adams is also proud to have the support of Senator Jon Kyl, who is endorsing Adams and will serve as the campaign’s Honorary Chairman.

“Senator Kyl is a mentor and a hero of mine, and I’m humbled and thrilled to have him as part of this campaign,” Adams said.

Senator Kyl, a national conservative leader, said Adams is the candidate he trusts to fight for the East Valley and conservative principles.

“Kirk is exactly the kind of fresh, conservative leader we need to send to Congress to stand up for our principles. He’ll make an outstanding congressman. My only regret is that I won’t be there to serve with him when he’s elected,” said Kyl.

Adams, a husband, father and a small businessman, is a lifelong resident of the East Valley. After building a successful property and casualty insurance business, Adams was first elected to the Arizona House of Representatives in 2006 hoping to craft conservative policies to make Arizona a better place for his family.

But he soon found himself frustrated by the failed attempts of the Republican majority to stop the liberal policies of Janet Napolitano and the Democrats. So, Adams decided to run against the veteran Speaker of the House after only one full term in office on a pledge of more aggressively pushing a conservative agenda and bringing more transparency to the Legislature.

Adams shocked political observers, when at only 35 years of age, his long-shot bid was successful – making him the youngest Speaker in Arizona’s history.

In his three years in the top leadership post in the House, Adams turned the tide. In the aftermath of Janet Napolitano’s spending spree, Adams negotiated and authored the first structurally balanced budget in at least five years – and without any accounting gimmicks or debt financing. In total, Adams pushed more than $3 billion in spending cuts through the House.

Adams’s Jobs Bill resulted in the largest permanent tax cut in Arizona history. Adams even took on the public-employee unions, authoring and passing a top-to-bottom reform of the state pension system to free taxpayers from ever increasing liabilities. And as Speaker, Adams helped ensure the passage of SB1070 and make sure it was defended both in the court of law and against the liberal media and national boycott groups.

“Our country is at a turning point,” Adams said. “If we don’t return to the founding principles of our Constitution and make tough decisions now to drastically cut spending and reform government, we will soon be living in an America we don’t recognize. I’ve got the record to prove I’m not afraid of taking on the old guard, the liberals and the media in order make the tough decisions necessary to save our country.”

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