Friday, October 1, 2010

Cubs deal capped at $99 million

Mesa announced the more details surrounding the Cubs deal today including the announcement that the project hosts are hard capped at $99 million to the City. This announcement comes as more people were seeking details about the plan as early voting approaches.

Mesa and the Cubs revealed a term sheet explaining some of the main tenets of the deal including a $84 million for the facility and $15 million in infrastructure and park improvements making the total deal around $99 million - far less than the critics have been shouting from the rooftops.

Speaking of critics, the VBO has reared their ugly head saying that they oppose the deal (what else is new). Last year, we hailed their move to Gilbert, saying good riddance. Too bad they didn't stay gone. Ironically, they are complaining about Mesa's ballot language, which is written in accordance with the law that they wrote. Again, they are the reason why we must have an election every time the City has a project - which creates another step standing in the way of those who want to invest in our city.

Also, some more detail on the funding, which will come from the enterprise fund and the sale of land in Pinal County. This has nothing to do with the General fund. These details will be helpful in the last few weeks of the election to help assure voters that this isn't just a blank check.

This is a critical election to make sure that we are able to keep the Cubs in Mesa long term. Without the Cubs, what would Mesa have?


Admiral said...

"Again, they are the reason why we must have an election every time the City has a project - which creates another step standing in the way of those who want to invest in our city."

Wow, another Kool-Aid drinking blind follower. You are either ignorant, a US Constitution hater, or both. The reason projects that exceed a cost of $1.5 million and taxes that support them must be approved by the voters instead of stupid politicians, is so we don't get another DBack stadium forced down our throats. You remember that, right? No vote, just the county stupidvisors forcing a stadium and tax upon us whether we liked it or not. Now at least the voters and especially the taxpayers can vote to approve or disapprove.

One other thing, I don't appreciate your sorry excuse for journalism. You leave a lot of important facts out, like the fact that if a new stadium is built at Riverview, it will have a tremendously positive implact on Tempe and Scottsdale, not Mesa. The Gateway area was better suited. For one, the airport is there and hopefully that new hotel and convention center will get built.

No impact studies have been done for a Cubs stadium at Riverview, but that certainly doesn't stop a blowhard called you from running your big pie-hole.

Letterhead said...


Your comments are not productive in getting your point across. You are sinking to their level, and insulting others and their opinions will only make them fight back harder. Rather, confront their opinions with facts that support your argument, and you'll be more prone to be taken seriously.

As for the article itself, I haven't read the prop just yet, and I'm afraid many of my fellow voters will not have read it by the time they place their ballots. I would appreciate it if you and the rest of the outreach community would help educate those who won't read it themselves. With that, knowing the deal is capped at $99 million is helpful. Meanwhile, I'm concerned about where the funding is coming from, and agree with Admiral about the fears of the development bringing more tax dollars to Scottsdale and Tempe. While I don't think it's as big of a deal by itself (75% of hotel revenue, and probably about 25-50% of dining), the implications it could have on an area such as Gateway or NE Mesa are immense.

I foresee Gateway being literally that - a Gateway to Pinal County and a city center on-par with Scottsdale Airpark or Downtown Scottsdale. Allegiant would make a great partner for the Cubs, the area could develop hotels and create an economic district that the Cubs would provide a huge month-long boost for, on par with Christmas time for retail.

The Cubs will do what is best for their business, but I would love to see Mesa become more of a business partner than a city held hostage.

steve said...

Admiral-a Constitution hater? Wow that's a stretch. In fact, you don't even understand considering we are a Republic with those we elect trusted to make the decisions.

Will the Cubs continue to be a big impact for Tempe and Scottsdale? Sure. With Wrigleyville Mesa will be able to capture more people and attract them year round instead of people going to other cities.

There have been economic impact studies for Riverview which is what drew them to the site. It showed that Riverview had the greatest potential for success.

The funding source is the best scenario you could ask for, using non-productive assets to build a revenue generating proven asset.

Admiral said...

Steve, sorry, but I don't buy into your load of bull. If the plan is so great, let the Cubs owners put up their own money. They are after all, billionaires.

If there was an impact study done, including the effects on business, traffic and quality of life issues for surrounding homeowners in the area of Riverview Park, where is it?

You say we live in a Republic and that's true. What you don't understand is that we as voters, have the power to approve or disapprove this project, not the city's elected officials. Do you understand that?

Who is the person or persons behind this blog? Words such as "we" are being tossed around on this blog, giving the impression that more than one person is involved here. If you can't identify yourself, then please have the decency to shut down this blog and delete its material. There is a reason why you are hiding behind the screen. You are either involved in one of more businesses that stand to benefit financially from the Cubs deal, you're an elected official, or possibly someone who works for the city, maybe all of the above. You may even be a paid promoter, and if you are, you are violating the law by not identifying yourself. It's time we saw the person behind the screen, Mr. Wizard.