Thursday, July 15, 2010

Signs, signs, everywhere signs

We noticed in the past few weeks that there appeared to be fewer campaign signs around town, but we assumed it was the typical vandalism and weather taking its toll. However, it turns out that Mesa is cracking down on campaign signs.

Hundreds of signs have been taken down and hauled in by Mesa's compliance department. While we thank the city for its attention improving the landscape, our real question is if sign enforcement is the best use of resources. Letters, pink ribbons, and pick up trucks seem like a lot of work to pick up signs. Its one thing if they are blocking views, its quite another if they are 14 1/2 feet from the Curb instead of 15.

In addition, the threat of a civil violation and a fine for sign placement it fairly outrageous. Who do you fine? The candidate? What if a volunteer put up the sign? What if an opponent moved the sign to be out of compliance?

Getting tough on signs while Mesa has made major cuts to other city services is one of the reasons why voters will never believe that there isn't more to be cut from government. When we are cutting back on police and fire, its hard for people to think that strict sign code enforcement carries equal weight.

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