Thursday, January 7, 2010

Do the Cubs deserve upgraded batting cages?

It looks like the decision might come this week on if Mesa is going to shell out up to $750,000 in upgraded batting cages for the Cubs. The Cubs have not made their decision between Arizona and Florida, but it appears that they were willing to admit that if they do stay, they "won't look beyond Mesa."

While this is decent news, is it enough for Mesa to shell out $750,000 on upgraded facilities? Will these upgrades be enough to attract another ball club if either the Cubs move to a new facility or if they decide to skip town? At least, hopefully, the rest of the valley will rally behind Mesa, understanding how important the Cubs are to all of the other teams.

The Cubs are saying that they will make their decision by the end of the month. How will the council feel if they vote yes this week to spend the money and then in the next week or two, the Cubs take a hike?

All that being said, if Mesa thinks that these upgrades are an essential part to keeping the Cubs in town, then the investment is worth every penny. We cannot afford to lose the tourism revenue that spring training brings to town.

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